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About Us was started by members of Splat Productions, LLC as a way for them to find information for traveling with their dogs. The site is ran for the sole purpose of the members of Splat Productions, LLC staff to be able to travel with their pets and to share the information they have gathered with the world. So that others may travel with their best friends also. It's been years since the beginning and we're still having fun!

Company inclusion in's listings and Splat Productions, LLC retains the right to list, not to list, or delist any company or person as they see fit. WILL NOT list any pet breeders in their listings. Sorry, there are too many pets being euthanized every day for us to promote breeders. will also NOT LIST any pet stores that sell animals, trainers who use questionable method, and dog sitters, groomers, or others who has received complaints about.

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